5 Steps to Grow a Dwarf Bonsai Hibiscus in Your Garden

Hibiscus bonsai grow

Hibiscuses are very popular among gardeners for their wonderful flowers and green leaves. They vary in blossom colors and temperature requirements. But they are great for pruning as can take on a shape of a tree or a bush. The plants are not hard to look after and pruning them can be a fun experience and a great hobby for you.

So How Does The Dwarf Plant Differ From The Original One?

You have seen the dwarf hibiscus plant in the flower nursery and feel curious about it? Let’s go through some major points and features of this plant. First of all remember that there is no difference between the original plant and the dwarf version of it. There are special plant growth regulators that are being used to control the size and the growth rate but the effect goes off in some time. Usually the effect lasts a growing season after that the plant might grow to its natural size.

They are a perfect choice for any bonsai fan. Keep your plant indoors as it feels good in the mild indoor climate. With its small size and a bunch of cute flowers it will be a delight for any bonsai enthusiast no matter if you are only a beginner in it.

Care Tips

  • Just like any other hibiscus out there provide it with enough sunlight. The dwarf plant needs to enjoy six to eight hours daily.
  • Provide enough water. If you see that the leaves are getting yellow and falling off it means you do not provide it with enough water.
  • Buy a slow release fertilizer for the blooming plants. Follow the package instructions.
  • Encourage the compact size and blooming by the regular pruning. Cut off the dead or weak branches as any growing hibiscus needs regular pruning.
  • Look for the mealy bugs or aphids. Remove the white spots with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. Try to avoid any alcohol drops on the leaves. Use mild insecticide if necessary.

General Information

Your dwarf hibiscus plant will grow 23 to 35 inches in height. It will keep on blooming through the summer till the middle autumn. Colors vary from deep scarlet to pink and white. Most famous types like Lil’ Kim dwarf hibiscus plant has got tiny white flowers with a red center and Luna “Rose” one has blossoms that go from deep pink to scarlet.

The market variety is of course much bigger as there are other not yet famous breeds. But just like all the other hibiscuses these ones will let you get imaginative and creative as these beautiful tropical flowers will be the main attraction of your garden.