Adenium History

adenium pink bloom

If you want to succeed in adenium growing, you should know a few facts about its origin.
Adenium is often called desert rose because it came from Arabian Peninsula and sub-Saharan Africa. Adenium history starts from 1752, when it was first found in Kenya. But now it is widely spread all over the world. Even though its native habitat is a desert, it grows in our conditions. I was surprised to know, how easy it is to care about it! Today there are many adenium species due to successful cultivation of this plant in different countries.

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Adenium sap contains poison, which was used by African hunters. This news was stunning! How a poisoning plant can grow in a garden or even at home?! But this poison is not dangerous until it gets directly into a blood stream. And it is very unlikely to happen. And rubber gloves will protect from irritation.

A blooming adenium tree is fascinating! That’s why it is becoming so popular now!