Aglaonema Pictum Velvet: The Best Option for Outdoor Space Decoration

Aglaonema Pictum Velvet

Easy to grow Chinese Evergreen is really popular hardy house plant. As there are many species of this foliage plant, there is always a great scope to choose from. Though these beautiful plants are mainly found in Malaysia and Philipines, they have accommodated to our temperature changes and climate. If you care for Aglaonema properly, you will surely have a good-looking plant that will amaze everyone around.

Perhaps one of the most interesting species is Aglaonema Pictum Velvet. The common name of this amazing plant is Enigma. This hybrid with ornate leaf patterns can become a great solution for home decoration. One of its great benefits is the fact that this beautiful plant can be planted in outdoor places. According to cultivation information the plant is the best option for those who want to decorate their outdoor space in winter and give a tropical look to their garden in summer.