Are Dracaena Annual or Perennial Plants?

Dracaena Annual

At my place dracaena grows as an ornamental plant. I have dracaena annual or perennial species. The difference between them is not great: seasonal plants are to be planted every year, while perennials grow in my garden for many years. Perennials require special care. While pruning dracaena, I try to keep to all the rules of growing and always consult professional gardeners.

While deciding where to grow dracaena, I pay special attention to the lightening. Color varieties need direct sunlight to retain color. This is why I choose to place them near windows. I recommend you to do the same.

Dracaena “Ulises”, the scientific name for this type of plant, has a very distinct leaf color, so I try to use it as a patio plant. If you have the same flower, make sure it is placed in a bright area and is watered enough.