Choosing a Pot Suitable for Growing a Bonsai Tree, or Don’t Back the Wrong Horse

bonsai growing

Display pots for growing dwarf plants are normally ceramic as they should be frost proof. They can be with a glaze or an unglazed finish. The appropriate pot should emphasize but not outshine the beauty of a bonsai tree.

The most attractive colors for a pot with a deciduous or flowering plant are soft. It can be light green, blue or cream. Evergreen specimen or conifer goes well with an unglazed pot. The color can range from brown or grey to reddish.

The size of the pot is in direct relation to the size of the species. The higher the tree, the longer the pot should be. The same can be applied to the depth of the container: a thick trunk base of the miniature requires a deeper pot.

Pot shape is also significant. To opt for the right container, determine whether your plant looks masculine or feminine. A lot of trees have features specific for both, though.

A feminine tree looks more elegant and delicate that a masculine one. It usually has a smooth bark, trunkline and a light canopy. A masculine tree seems very strong with a powerful trunk, angular branches and dense canopy.
A feminine plant will never look right in a square container with strong angular features and sharp corners. A masculine tree will look out of place in an oval pot with softer lines.

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