Dracaena Characteristics – Get to Know More to Grow Dracaena!

Dracaena Characteristics

I know dracaena is a frequent choice for those who are fond of plants. As I belong to one of those amateur gardeners I was interested in buying something new for my garden (it was my granny who advised me dracaena!) and getting to know how to plant a dracaena.

Now we have got a baby, so it was quite a nice surprise for me to know dracaenas need little maintenance to grow well. Before planting dracaena I made conducted search on dracaena characteristics to be well-grounded.

It’s interesting that dracaena appears to be a plant from remote tropics, still its hardiness strikes me – it is grown outdoors too! It comes that my friends grow dracaenas like I do, that’s why now I know everything about different species varying in size, width and color. But all dracaenas I had a chance to see were evergreen plants. It’s a great advantage of having a dracaena at home! My dracaena has dark green leaves and is 8 feet high now! I planted it in a pot behind my house, and it thrives!