Ficus Benjamina and Fertilizer: What Product to Pick?

ficus benjamina green

There are many ficus benjamina diseases every tree owner should try to prevent. A proper fertilizer is a helper in the process. The commonest rule is to use such fertilizer every month. It should be of liquid houseplant type. Make sure you use it according to the instructions on the label. It is forbidden to fertilize the tree during winter.

What about ficus benjamina and fertilizer requirements? Our advice is searching for one with phosphorus in it and applying the needed amount to the soil, relying on label directions. Do it during the very 1st growing season or at the time of planting.

Fertilizing is useful when done during the daytime temperatures of 24-29.4°C and 16.6-22.1°C at night. The leaves dropping after fertilization may happen because of the changes in drafts, heat, watering schedule or light conditions. However, don’t get worried as these leaves always grow back soon.