Grow Your Own Aglaonema Snake

Aglaonema snake has lots of names. It is often called mother-in-law's tongue. The following plant has to be loved – and for a good reason. This carefree plant is easy to grow. Snake plant has leathery-sword – usually marbled with gray green, yellow or white – leaves.

The plant tolerates low light. However, it grows better in bright or medium light. Water your snake moderately and consistently. Allow the soil to dry between watering.

Being tropical, the plant likes slightly humid, warm conditions with temperature of at least 65 degrees. Lower than 60 degrees is not ideal for this plant and can cause dark patches on leaves. If you notice that the edges turn brown, it is the first sign that the temperature is too low. Curling leaves can occur because of draughts and viruses attacking the tissues of the plant. Cutting, tissue culture and graft separation will help you to reduce the risks of their occurrence.