Here’s a Quick Way to Propagate a Plant from Adenium Seeds

Adenium Seeds

Adenium is a tropical species which is quite easy to raise. One of the most common ways of growing this plant is adenium seeds.

First of all you are to find those. You can either obtain them from an active plant or you can simply purchase them from a local store. They must be fresh. Otherwise your attempt to propagate this species will be a failure.

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Once you’ve got the seeds, start them in a mix of sand and soil or perlite and soil. You can also go for vermiculite. The seeds of the plant must be scattered evenly over the chosen growing medium and covered with soil afterwards.

Remember not to bury them too deep.

Then find a large tray or a bin and fill it with water and stones. The water should cover the stones but not exceed their level. When you are done, put the container with the seeds on top of the stones. Sufficient watering is crucial. Don’t let the seedlings dry out and refresh the water in the tray once a day. You are also expected to spray the mix once every three days.

Seedlings thrive at the temperature of 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, try to maintain these conditions during germination. It usually takes about a week or two for the seedlings to sprout. Keep watering them from below during their first month.

When every seedling has at least six leaves, you can transplant them into a separate pot.