Hibiscus Flowers Tricks and Tips Made Easy: Thee Reasons to Give It a Go

hibiscus tips tricks

Hibiscus is famous as a blooming tree used for the decorations. But it can also be used in various ways from cooking to curing. It improves your overall wellbeing as it has some definite health benefits. We have collected some basic illnesses that can be cured with hibiscus tea. So why not plant this beautiful tree and have a great organic medication for yourself and the loved ones?

Three major benefits:

  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Diuretic
  • Has plenty of vitamin C

This plant is even used as a part of the Latin American cuisine with its leaves in the salads and flower petals in deserts and pies. So you can be certain that it is innocuous for your pets and family and brings nothing but benefits.

How to take proper care of hibiscus?

So now you are one of the many gardeners willing to try and grow a healthy hibiscus plant. What do you need to do to ensure that it will bloom properly and remain luscious with no leaves falling off? Follow our basic tips and tricks to save you lots of time and headache.

Well of course an experienced gardener will provide the proper care for the tree without having to consult any sources but what if you are a beginner and feel slightly intimidated by the lack of experience? Even a newbie can grow a hibiscus tree as it is not as hard as you think.


What Does It Need?

Well if you never want to see any yellow leaves falling off then make sure the soil is moist. Hibiscus requires about an inch of rain per week so make sure to provide it with water. Try not to go overboard with watering though otherwise it will simply get rotten.

This tropical plant cannot tolerate cold and gets severely damaged when the temperature drops below 0 C so bring it indoors immediately as soon as it starts getting cold outside. Use a potassium fertilizer. Pick the most comfortable one as you can go for the diluted one twice a week or add a slow release fertilizer every month or you can add some to the compost when planting the tree in your garden.

Domestic Use

Start with making a zingy ruby red tea from the dried flower petals, a few drops of lemon juice will make it even more refreshing. Have it hot or iced on the hot summer day. The drink is proven to lower the high blood pressure and to be well known under the name “Jamaica flower iced tea”.

Aren’t you curious to taste it? Incorporate leaves in the Mexican dishes like tacos and enchiladas and as you get more and more experienced try to use the flowers for the desserts as well. What is not to love?