How Dracaena Varieties Made My Life a Fairytale

Dracaena Varieties

Recently I've made an overhaul in my flat and repairmen did their best to turn my home into a modern and comfortable place. I was really glad but felt that something was missing. The flat looked big and empty, wide windowsills were unfulfilled, in two words, my sweet home looked very much like an office and not the place to live. Then my best friend Ann advised me to purchase some plants to make my house more alive. As for me, it wasn’t a good idea! I don’t like flowers or household plants. But anyway my stubborn friend assured me to go to the florist’s.

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How many flowers have I seen there! I didn’t know where to look first. A shop assistant had quite a huge story about all these sorts of plants and I listened to the whole thing. But I wasn’t interested until I saw a dracaena palm. The beautiful plant doesn’t need any special care. This type of dracaena adapts to both dark and light illumination. And you should water dracaena only when the ground is completely dry. The assistant also said that this plant has over 50 dracaena varieties, different terminalis and character species. I was unbelievably shocked by this information because I didn’t even known at least one class of this exciting plant.

Now dracaena species decorate my home and are pleasant to my guests’ eyes. The whole point is that my flat is like a fairytale and I don’t do anything for it!