How to Prune Aglaonema Safely and With Benefits for It?

How to Prune Aglaonema

Araceae varieties can be floppy or very tall and without much foliage. This poser can be easily solved with pruning. Don’t be puzzled where and what to cut off. Simply continue reading and you’ll know the answer.

How to Prune Aglaonema? Aroideae plants have blooms annually. They need to be clipped till the leaves they grow from. It’ll shift the plant’s energy to the production of new and shiny frondage. Thus, the grower will become bushy.

Dead-looking, mechanically damaged, yellow or brown stalks/petals need to be cut off too. It should be done up to the level of the wilt or damaged leafage. Prune your plant if it’s large, but without much frondage. Cut back around 3 cm of few stems and new petals will emerge.

This plantae grows from the crown. Therefore, don’t over try excising it below the damaged area. Otherwise, it’ll wither.