How to Stimulate Branching on Adeniums

adenium seedling

My friend has got very beautiful adenium called Universal Star. But not only its bright flowers with white “stars” in the centre make it so fascinating. It always has a lot of branches and flowers. Once I asked my friend to tell me how to grow such a wonderful plant. He told me, that everything was very easy!

To stimulate branching on adeniums gardeners prune them and use fertilizers. Also it is important to repot an adenium correctly. So, I asked my friend when to transplant adenium. He recommended me to do this in spring.

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So, when spring came, I repotted my adenium as its pot was too small. After that I took my pruners and started trimming. When the first shoots appeared, I added natural fertilizer to soil.

That summer my Jasmine Light looked fantastic! It was beautifully arranged and had more flowers than ever!