Kopper King Hibiscus – Major Features and Care Tips

Kopper king hibiscus

Kopper king hibiscus is one of the modern day hybrids created by crossbreeding the hardy hibiscuses. Just like all the hybrids you will not be able to grow it from the seeds as the child plants might look different from the original. If you look after it and cultivate it the right way this deciduous shrub will keep you happy with its big beautiful flowers for quite a few years.

The main distinctive feature is the copper or burgundy colored dark foliage. The dark leaf plays up the hand sized white to pink flowers.

The Distinctive Breed Features:

  • One of the late hardy hibiscus forms.
  • The foliage has a dark copper shade to it.
  • dies to the ground in winter and then grows back the next year
  • Has giant white to light pink blooms with a scarlet flower center.
  • Flowers look like they are made of crepe paper.
  • Grows moderately up to 3-4 feet.
  • The reproduction is protected by the plant patent act.
  • The bloom period is very long. It starts in middle summer and goes on till late autumn.
  • The tree attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer resistant.

How to Provide your Kopper King with Proper Care?

If you have had hibiscuses before the needs of this plant does not differ from the counterparts requirements. Just do not forget to do the following:

  • Find a nice sunny spot for the plant, make sure it is not shaded by other plants and receives plenty of sunshine.
  • Prune the shrub in the late autumn as the temperatures drop to 0 C.
  • Provide a fertilizer; you can go for the slow release or the liquid one. Follow the package instructions and do not overdo it.
  • Feels best in clay soil with neutral pH.
  • Keep it moist by watering it at least two times per week during the summer months. If the leaves start getting dry and fade you are under-watering it.
  • Mulch it well for the winter especially in the cooler climates.

Nothing but Advantages

It took the breeder Dave Fleming about 50 years to create the Kopper King and start the new gardening trend with its huge flowers. The growing tips for this hibiscus are pretty simple as even though it is a hybrid it still has a strong root and grows just as well as the traditional garden variety hardy hibiscuses.

You will of course want to vow your friends with this beautiful plant. Think about turning it into a green border with huge flowers. Wouldn’t it be beautiful? This shrug deserves to take the leading role in your garden.