Tricks for the Growing Success with Aglaonemas

aglaonema growing conditions

This piece of flora is not fastidious. It fits beautifully into different premises and cleans the air. Howbeit, heed to its aglaonema growing conditions:

- Petals scorch under direct sunlight;
- Habitat with beneath +15 C is harmful;
- Overwatering is adverse;
- Beware of the pests' indications.

Try to cultivate it in low light. Water needs are vital too. Thus, add water to the pot every time the soil is close to being sear.

Be attentive with warmth requirements. The warmer it gets at the plant's location, the better it grows. Yet, above +26 C is damaging.

The older this evergreen belle is, the leggier and taller it can be. Therefore, growers recommend pruning the longest stems. It will keep the plant shorter and concise.

Just give this houseplant some attention and success with growing it will come soon.