Useful Tips on How often to Water Aloe from an Aloe Fan

how often to water aloe

Growing aloe is a rather simple thing. I am convinced that even people who are constantly short of time can grow it at home and use this magnificent plant for treatment. One of the frequently asked questions is how often to water aloe. I do it once a week, even if it is hot outdoors. I will explain you my main rules of watering and growing all types of aloe, tall and small, wide and narrow. I have several species at home and will gladly share my experience with other people and give useful instructions on taking care of it.

First of all, I plant aloe in my garden. Luckily, I live in a house, not an apartment. Therefore, I water young plants once in 5-6 days. Every morning dew accumulates on the leaves and aloe gets enough moisture.

Secondly, I place pots with big and old plants on the terrace, so they don’t suffer from scant sun light.
Hopefully, my tips will help you.