The Secret of an Exotic Adenium Obesum

Exotic Adenium Obesum

You can recognize Adenium obesum at first glance. This is an exotic drought-deciduous tropical species with a bloated trunk and dazzling flowers. It grows up to 1.5-2 meters. Although, according to the books, grown on windowsills it is much shorter - only 50-60 centimeters. The leaves are mostly green (oblong, rounded or slightly pointed at the ends), but sometimes they can even be yellow, white or red.

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The foliage of some cultivars is shiny and glossy while the leaves of others can be dull or slightly pubescent. Thanks to the efforts of breeders the color of the blossoms varies - from pure white to dark red, burgundy or blue. Some plants may have strokes or strips on the petals.

Keep in mind, however, that the more extraordinary the "coloring" of the leaf, the more delicate and capricious the plant is. The species with variegated and colored leaves requires a lot of sunlight, grows slowlier and is often reluctant to bloom. However, there are pleasant exceptions to the rule - for example, variegated Adenium Daang Nab Anant. It grows without any problems and blooms willingly. Under proper conditions this cultivar can blossom at any time of the year.