What Soil To Use For Yucca?

yucca soil

A lot of people ask those with a better green thumb what soil to use for yucca. In its native environment it grows in sandy soils. Nevertheless it can tolerate all the other types of soil as long as they are well draining.

If you still doubt what soil to use for yucca, try to recollect the common name of this species. The plant is called a “bulletproof plant” not in vain. It can survive the conditions in which most plants will be damaged.

It would be better if the soil was a bit alkaline with a pH above 6.0. If a pH is lower than that, to increase a pH, lime is added.

The soil should be dry because yucca roots rot fast in saturated soil. If you want the drainage to be good enough, add perlite or sand to soil, or you can also apply a packaged succulent mix.