Gorgeous Adenium Arabicum Will Liven Your Flat Up

Adenium Arabicum

Adenium arabikum is the second most popular with the gardeners specimen of the succulent.
It is native to the western part of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Therefore, two forms of this species are distinguished - "Saudi" and "Yemeni".

Saudi form is a tall-growing plant. In the wild its trunk can reach 4 m tall with an average thickness of the branches 4 cm in diameter. This species retains the foliage all year round. It starts flowering in late winter and the blossoming lasts until early summer. The flowers are approximately 4 cm in diameter.

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Yemeni form is characterized by a short and broad caudex (up to 1 m in diameter). This plant blossoms sporadically all year and its flowers are bigger than those of Saudi form: about 8-8.5 cm.

The flowers of both forms are usually pink, rarely white, but it’s not them that attract the gardeners all over the world. The main advantages of the genus are a massive caudex which appears at an early age and fleshy roots. That is why this cultivar and its hybrids are often grown as bonsai trees.

Another distinguishing feature of the plant is its velvety- pubescent leaves. They may have a glossy shine, but if you touch them, you will be able to feel the velvety.