The History of the Dracaena Appearance

photo of History of the Dracaena Appearance

Being a great fan of travelling I like to watch TV programs about other continents, where narrators tell about different places overseas and wild nature. Once there was a program in Africa, where they showed its flora and fauna. Then there was this peculiar plant called “dragon tree” (a.k.a. dracaena plants), but little was told about it. So, I decided to make a little investigation of my own about the history of the dracaena.

Apparently, dracaena origin is connected with an Indian legend saying that long time ago dragons and elephants were mortal enemies and constantly fought with each other. Once, after another bloody encounter a mortally wounded dragon and an elephant fell near each other, their wounds were bleeding. When their blood mixed, the first dragon tree appeared on that spot. And its tar has red color.

Nowadays a plant with such epic history is known for its tar. Its leaves are hard, like horse hair, and are used to produce brushes. Thanks to its non-capricious nature the plants are also used for decoration (Dracaena fragrans is the best choice). Another ability that brought fame to the dragon tree is imbibing poisonous substances and neutralizing them (that’s why it is also called “a green filter”).