How to remove a yucca once and for all?

yucca stem

Planting a yucca some time ago was a real joy. But if now it have become a nuisance and you are interested in how to remove a yucca from your garden, be ready to struggle with it a lot. Removing this species is not a one-time deal and it will require much patience.

So how to remove a yucca once and for all? Digging it up, ensure you eradicate as much of the roots as possible. You don’t want a small piece of the root to produce a new plant. I would recommend to water both soil and the plant before starting eradicating it. This will let the roots slide out of the soil much more easier. They will also break less which makes the process of re-growth less possible.

Then you will have to check the area every now and then to see whether there are any young sprouts. If you see some, either dig them up or slosh them with the stump killer.

Following this advice, you may be lucky enough to avoid further enormous efforts. A lot of people, though, have years of experience with getting rid of this plant. It depends on how integrated it is into the landscape.