Varieties of Croton. Pick the Right One

Varieties of Croton

Croton is a beautiful multicolored plant, which I, as a landscape designer, often use for outdoor decoration. Due to its tropical origin, a croton can be a stunning and spectacular addition to any office, room or garden.These plants have a long history. At first crotons were used to add colorful ornaments to tropical gardens, and now they are among the most popular house plants.

Many varieties of croton are available nowadays, ranging in leaf shapes and sizes. Some have broad, glossy, cut-out leaves, while others are distinguished by long, slender foliage. Croton species also vary in leaf colors: from yellow, red, pink to dark green. Regardless of the type, the average life span of this plant exceeds two years. But if you fulfill basic croton care requirements, it will continue to gladden your eye.

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