Hibiscus Tea for the Blood Pressure: a Natural Hypertonic Remedy

The health benefits of the hibiscus tea are well known among the fans of natural medicine. This drink was known in Africa and Asia for the thousands of years and it was used as a medication. Some people think herbal teas cannot effectively fight hypertension but if you give hibiscus tisane a go you would never regret it. This tea is universal as it is just as good in winter and in summer, hot or cold, with or without sugar. There are plenty of recipes you can try to find out how your family would like to consume it.

Health Benefits and Advantages

So how can this beverage help decreasing the blood pressure? Look through the table and see for yourself, you will definitely want to give it a try.

  • High blood tension is getting more and more widespread with the adult population. Due to the stressful and always busy lifestyle more and more people give up to the pressure. And so the natural remedies are very much in demand. These days more and more people are trying the hibiscus tisane to help cure the hypertension.
  • The nutrition scientist Dr. Diane McKay has carried out the study. The measuring shows that as much as 2-3 cups per day can reduce the hypertension without the side effects of the traditional medication.
  • Hibiscus works for the patients with the type 2 diabetes as well as those people are prone to developing cardiovascular diseases. If you have an increased sugar levels drink this beverage without sugar.
  • The overall level of antioxidants in the hibiscus calyces infusion is so great that regular consumption not only helps fight blood tension issues but rejuvenates the whole body. That might sound curious for you but the health benefits of the beverage have been famous for centuries. So it is not only strengthening the arteries but has a positive effect on the overall health as well as fights minor inflammations in the body.

Possible Side Effects

The University of Pennsylvania Bastyr Center for Natural Health has carried out the extensive research showing that hibiscus infusion opens and expands the blood vessels. This can lead to the heart diseases as blood pressure drops by 7.2% on average. Avoid drinking the tea if you are taking hypertonic or hypotonic medication. Ask your doctor for the health advice on consuming the hibiscus tea as a part of the treatment to reduce the blood pressure. Your therapist will be able to balance out the effects of the drugs and the herbal remedy.

The hibiscus tea also interacts with other drugs you are taking. It increases the anticancer and antiviral medications. But it lowers the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory drugs so you should wait for a few hours after you have taken the medication. Too much hibiscus infusion can have a mild hallucinogenic effect so avoid it if you need to drive or operate the machinery.

Where To Buy?

So as you can see the hibiscus tea has numerous health benefits while being very easy to make and affordable. For as much as 15$ you can buy a pack of hibiscus tea that reduces the high blood pressure among its numerous health benefits. What is not to love?

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