What Are the Main Medical Uses of Croton?

croton bloom

For many people croton image is associated with medical properties, which this plant has. For many centuries it was used even in Chinese medicine to heal various diseases.
I have Croton Tiglium at home. If we make a plant ranking system, croton tiglium will have the highest rank among other plants, because of its medical properties. I discovered that medical properties are found mainly in the seeds. What are the medical uses of croton? Let's see it in greater detail.

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Treatment of skin problems
Use it if you have carbuncles, itching or even eczema. Some people believe that it can be helpful if one applies it to cancer lesions or various tumors.

Digestive system
If you suffer from diarrhea, nausea and even dysentery, a croton will help.

Cold and fever
Sometimes people use it to treat flu and cold. You can also use it if you suffer from toothache.
It’s a poisonous plant in its natural environment, but still it contains elements, which can help you to get rid of bothering about health problems.