What Is Hibiscus Tea and Why Is It So Popular - 10 Reasons to Love It

You have probably heard about the drink but never paid much attention to it. So what is a hibiscus tea you’re wondering? Basically it is an herbal tisane made with the dried calyces.

Its dark red color and zingy fresh flavor made it popular as a casual thirst quencher. And its health benefits turned this infusion into a traditional medicine for most of Asia, Africa and America.

Hibiscus as a Natural Remedy

This herbal tisane is not only popular for the taste and variety of recipes. If you regularly drink it you get to enjoy the numerous health benefits as it is a well-known natural medicine. So here are the hibiscus flower benefits for you to consider:

  1. The polyphenol in the flowers destroys cancerous cells as well as leukemia cells.
  2. Another positive effect of using the hibiscus tisane daily instead of the regular tea is that it strengthens the immune system. It contains up to 30% organic acids such as citric acid aka vitamin C and tartaric acid.
  3. This quencher is also a mild diuretic. It helps clean up the kidneys and restore the liver.
  4. It is a great natural medicine for people with the type II diabetes. The infusion lowers the blood sugar levels and fights diabetes induced hypertension although it will only work as a part of the medication and healthy diet.

Recipes From All Over the Globe

So what is a hibiscus tea? This is a common name for all the drinks made with the hibiscus calyces although actually it is an infusion. The history of the hibiscus tisane has started in Asia where it has been used as a natural remedy for the thousands of years.

The drink is famous in Thailand over the name “grajeab” and is sold at every street corner. The beverage is served chilled with lots of ice and sugar and is famous as an antioxidant and a thirst quencher.

In Africa the hibiscus infusion is known as “karkade” and is especially popular in the North Egypt and Sudan area. The calyces are being soaked in water for a few days. The drink can be served hot or cold with ice and you can easily find it sold in the street of Cairo and Sudan. The dried flowers have always been sold on every Asian or African market.

Italians have first imported the hibiscus flower for tea in the late 19th century. Hence the common European names for it, “carcade” aka the Italian tea. The drink is very common all over Europe and is usually served hot like a traditional black tea.

And in the Latin America this drink is known under the name “agua di Jamaica”. The hibiscus tea is very popular in the countries like Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and the Caribbean. The Latin American recipe is different; the petals are boiled with some ginger. Than the mixture is pressed and spiced with clove, cinnamon and sugar. You can add rum to it in order to make a holiday drink.


This organic infusion was first introduced to the USA consumers in the 1970s under the “Red Zinger” brand name owned by the celestial Seasonings Company. Since that time it has gained a huge popularity as both summer and winter quencher.

What Is Not To Love?

The hibiscus tea is well known and popular in the most countries of the world. It is easy to buy in the supermarket. The recipes are so varied you can pick the one just for your family and friends. Everyone will love this beverage.

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