Why are there yellow leaves on yucca?

yucca plant diases

Although yucca is a sturdy plant and requires little care, it is not an exception and is prone to several diseases and pests like any other plant. The problems that can occur are yellow leaves on yucca, brown spots on the leaves, lesions, gray leaf spot, stem rot.

One of the problems you can come across is yellowing of the foliage. If there are yellow leaves on yucca, it indicates some problems. You should diagnose the cause and manage it to help your plant overcome the damage and thrive again.

The yellowing can be caused by root rot. So if the soil is soggy, you will need to reduce watering.

Also this problem can be caused by spider mite pests. in such a case you should wash an infected plant with a damp rug every 3 days. If the infestation is a major one, you will have to use pesticide. Later you will need to remove the dead yellow leaves at the base.