Is Yucca Edible?

yucca plant

“Is yucca edible?” – asked my little brother once. Honestly, I have never thought about my houseplant in this way though I knew that there are several yucca uses. For instance, I read that yucca is a source of soap or detergent and it can also be used as a medicine and bring significant health benefits if used properly.

I surfed the Internet to find an answer to the question “Is yucca edible?”. I realized that if there is a positive answer, there will be another question: “What parts are edible and how to eat them?”.

The answer was “yes” indeed. I learnt that you can eat all the non-woody parts. the Internet states that the blooms are particularly delicious. If you have no intention to destroy the plant, try the petals of the flower without touching its centre. The centre further on matures to become a fruit.

I have yucca filamentosa at home. No doubt, I was eager to try all the edible parts. I decided to start with the tastiest one – petals. I would recommend to try only one petal at first because I made a mistake eating several of them at once. I had a terrible stomach ache. If after trying the petal you also have a stomach ache or your throat feels dry or bitter, that is a clear signal to cook the petals somehow, for example boil them.

The other edible part I couldn’t resist trying was fruit. Fruit are bitter raw so I advise to roast them.
You can also eat buds, stems or trunks of the plant but I didn’t venture to try them too.