Cold Tolerance of Aglaonema

aglaonema cold tolerance

Outdoor isn't an immaculate site for it. Albeit, some nature lovers move this bushy plant alfresco during warm months. But, permanent inside location is recommended. As it is a houseplant. So, it cannot stand low air temperatures.

Evergreen varieties want supplementary care during winter. Especially relatively warm air. This grower doesn't cold tolerate of aglaonema less than +15 C as it will wither. It will occur if the room's air becomes cold. The leaves will start weakening and shrivel sooner than you think.

A room thermometer at the plant’s location is beneficial. It gives a cue when to act. In this case air condition or special lighting will correct the issue. Furthermore, the direct sunlight is an adversary of Araceae kin. What is more, the plant can have diseases and pests. Thus, you need to watch out for that.