First Adenium Buds

How wonderful it is to find the first buds on adenium! I’ll always remember how exciting it was! And will never forget my disappointment, when the first bud fell down.

There are many adenium diseases and pests, and they are especially dangerous for a plant with buds. Some pests prefer to attack not leaves, but buds. Besides, an adenium needs additional care when it is in blossom. Additional fertilization is really good for a plant in this period.

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When my first adenium buds had fallen down, I tried to find an answer to the question “Why?” in a care guide. Soon I found a photo with a plant which looked just like mine. The problem was in the lack of light. Adeniums need a lot of it and my plant was situated in a room where light was medium. So, I found a new place for my adenium and soon it was in blossom.

If you want to see your adenium blooming, take care of it and don’t forget about possible diseases and pests.