How to Help an Unhealthy Aloe

Unhealthy Aloe

All of us become sad when our favorite house plants get ill. Yellow, brown, dry and spotted leaves often signal that the plant needs something. It can be water, light or fertilizers. Even one characteristic is enough to understand that you should help it as quickly as possible.

I always take to heart my aloe problems. The thing is that I adore succulents and highly appreciate them for their curative properties. I grow more than 10 aloe species: aloe zebrina, vera, arborescens, plicatilis Miller, etc. An unhealthy aloe looks pale and flabby. If you have this problem, you can try several ways to help your green friend:

- Transplant it. Perhaps, the pot is too small for its root system.
- Change the fertilizer. The old one may not suit it.
- Replace the pot with a plant. Perhaps, intense sunlight does harm to your aloe.

I hope my recommendations will help you as well.