Jeopardizing The Health of Your Plant: Spider Mites on Ficus Benjamina

ficus benjamina green leaves

Ficus trees are susceptible to several pests. Ficus benjamina pests can be white fly, aphids, scale, thrips, mealybug or spider mites. Spider mites on ficus benjamina are very contagious and they can decimate the plant intil necessary measures are taken.

Spider mites on ficus benjamina can be different colours: brown, red, beige. They are extremely small and it's hard to see them.

Luckily, you don't necessarily need to see them to know they are trying to kill your plant. They suck the sap of the plant which results in yellow foliage and leaf drop.

If you are sure that your plant is infected, treat it by hosing the entire plant down with soapy water and don't forget to hose the undersides of the leaves. But make sure you don't use insecticides because they can augment spider mite population.