Oust the Aphids From Your Hibiscus

aphids on hibiscus

There are many species of hibiscus pests, such as, for example, white flies. But aphids are the most destructive of them, so they must be dealt with quickly and decisively. You can easily see them with a naked eye. There are many kinds of aphids of different colors, and those preferring hibiscus are most commonly white, green or black. Look for aphids on hibiscus close to the tops of the stems and near the flower buds.

Fortunately, aphids have some natural enemies feeding on them (such as ladybugs, for example), and it helps to keep the aphids population under control. But as these pests reproduce at fast rates, they can’t be completely destroyed by the predators. So you will need to find out how to kill the aphids yourself. The best thing is a systemic pesticide.