Troubleshooting Dracaena Problems

Troubleshooting Dracaena

I like to take care of dracaena plants I have at home. I have several species and must say that at first it was rather hard to remember what which of them requires. I guess that most of you have the same problem.

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Troubleshooting dracaena problems that may appear is not that difficult, especially if you deal with dracaena surculosa. It has long stretches of bare stem, punched by whorls of 2-5 short leaves that are covered with yellow dots. Before I found out more about the plant, I believed it was a sort of a disease… Its unusual beauty always amazes.

The same refers to dracaena 'Hawaiian Sunshine' that has dark green foliage with stripes. Unfortunately, it is not commonly available and requires special care like humidity, air, watering, etc. It should be kept far away from drafty and cold areas in places with normal temperatures. Do you have any of these plants at home? Then take care of them!