What Can You Do if your Aloe has Fallen?

aloe vera plant roots

I have rich experience in growing succulents, know much about combatting aloe diseases and pests, always read books on cultivating house plants, but even my knowledge didn’t help me when my aloe has fallen. It was knocked over the windowsill and fell in the garden. I was shocked and very much upset as the sound of cracking and breaking trunk meant that my old friend of 4 feet of height had experienced a bad damage.

However, I found a useful tip on how to bring the plant to normal life. It wasn’t a disaster as I had imagined. So, I’ll tell you what to do in such a dramatic situation. Take the plant and cut healthy branches. Don’t place it in water or damp cloth. Just leave it to dry for several days. Then prepare a common soil mixture of sand, brick crumbs, humus and turf. Plant your aloe. Yes, it will recover very soon!