What to Do with Aloe if It Is Dying?

What to do with aloe

It is a sad situation when you see that your house plants are dying. What to do with aloe if you have abused with watering and see that its roots start rotting? My granny gave me tons of useful advice and this time her aloe care tips were of great help. She recommended transplanting this succulent and creating a better environment for it: more sunlight and fertilizers, new soil with a good content of turf and sand. You ought to bear in mind that the ground shouldn’t be wet all the time. In relation to transplanting it should be emphasized that this plant hardly bears root damage. If your aloe has almost died, don’t abandon hope as you can still save it. Cut the tops of the plants and put them into the soil. Yes, you've heard it right. You don't need tanks with pure water, just soil. Wait until roots appear. Take care of leaves too. Use a damp sponge to clean them from dust. It prevents your green friend from getting yellow and drying.