What to Do if There Are Eggs in Soil of Ficus Benjamina

Eggs in soil of ficus benjamina

Occasionally, even a healthy tree can be invaded by insects. The pests that leave eggs in soil of ficus benjamina usually are: fungus gnats, mealy bugs, centipedes and whiteflies.

To help ficus benjamina grow healthy, follow these steps:
Isolate the affected tree from other plants.

Take your weeping fig outdoors, spray the infested areas with a mix of insecticidal soap and water (1-2 tsp liquid soap and 1 q water) and dump all potting soil out. Then rinse off any remaining soil from the roots and re-plant the tree in fresh, sterilized soil. It is better to plant the ficus in a new pot, or you may scrub the old one out.

You may also apply specific liquid insecticide to the top layer of the soil if you don’t want to repot the weeping fig.
Treat the plant with neem oil. There are several benefits of using it – it’s natural and works well for pests.