What Should You Do if Aloe Has Become Limp?

aloe has become limp

My aloe seemed dying. I was upset as all efforts to help the plant were ineffective. I tried to change the situation with the help of new fertilizers and transplanting, but everything was in vain. I gave up the idea of seeing my aloe healthy and green as several leaves became yellow and two of them even turned black.

Last summer I decided to repair my apartment. I moved all the house plants outside. The terrace became a perfect place for placing pots. Having completely forgotten about my aloe I painted walls and windows. All that I did was watering. It is hard to believe but my plant started to recover. Now I cannot tell you why aloe has become limp and mushy (I suspect because of overwatering but I am not sure), but it gets better day after day. I admire green leaves and a fresh look. So, before planting an aloe, think whether it needs more light and air. A month outdoors is even more useful than the best fertilizers.