What's Wrong With Adenium?

adenium plant

If you are going to grow adeniums, don’t forget, that sometimes you’ll need help to understand, what’s wrong with adenium. Such situation happened to me.

My dear adenium always looked fantastic! It was green, with thick caudex and beautiful branches. During warm months it fascinated everyone with unusual flowers. But that year my adenium looked unhealthy. I was worried about it as that was my favorite flower.

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So, if I wanted to save my adenium, I needed to act immediately. I looked carefully at my adenium and found small black spots on it. Besides, the leaves themselves were yellow. I showed the adenium pictures to my friend who was fond of these plants and knew everything about them. He recognized the disease as soon as he saw them. It was blight. So, I added special systemic fungicide to soil. Soon my adenium looked better.
Now thanks to my friend’s help my desert rose is blooming again.