Why Is My Dracaena Dying?

Dracaena Dying

My Dracaena Deremensis started showing the smallest dots on leaves near the body. I was puzzled. Why is my dracaena dying? As when I purchased it, it was fine! I have a small handbook on dracaena diseases with pictures, but there was nothing alike.

I asked my sister for help, as she keeps dracaenas for more than five years. She came to see us for two weeks to look after my dracaena. The first thing she suggested was detaching all ill leaves. She said if it was an infestation, I was making a mistake leaving them there. She also said I didn't need to leave my dracaena dry. I used to water it once in 4 days. But dracaena underwater, as well as dracaena overwater, is bad.

Finally she found spider mites! All we did was taking 10 mg of a detergent for dishwasher and a glass of vegetable oil. We mixed them up with 200 mg of water and sprinkled my Deremensis all over for a week or so! Look at it now!