Adenium Fertilizing

adenium blooming picture

I’ve been growing lovely Adenium plants for more than 10 years. Many friends ask me how to grow adenium rightly. In fact, the secret is in proper care and feeding. Adeniums respond well to generous and regular fertilizing. If you want to make them develop a large trunk and increase flowing, you should take only the best fertilizer. I use organic Adenium fertilizing, especially fish emulsion and composted manure.

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Never liquid feed, especially if your plants are thirsty. You shouldn’t apply it directly to roots. Always water Adenium slightly before feeding in order to avoid leaf drop and root burn. You’d better fertilize your plant after it flowers. Don’t wait until it starts to drop leaves. The best time for feeding a lawn is early autumn, depending on where you live. Surely, good soils and care will make your Adenium plants look fantastic!