Aglaonema Silver Bay – a Guest from New Guinea on Your Window-sill

aglaonema plant

I have never been interested much in exotic house plants until my friend Anne presented me a nice plant with green spotted leaves. I cannot even call them spots, better to say strips or splashes of white color. Since then I like my aglaonema silver bay and take care of it a lot. It is the main decoration of my apartment.

First of all, I searched on the Internet how to water and fertilize aglaonema plant. It doesn’t like direct sun beams, prefers penumbra. I spray its leaves frequently as it needs high humidity. I recommend you to grow aglaonema in moist peat.

Moreover, I can advise you to buy this beautiful green friend if you have a winter garden and a greenhouse with high humidity. But bear in mind that the temperature shouldn’t be lower than 18 ° C. It will look really amazing!