Bonny Aglaonema Varieties

aglaonema varieties

The Aroideae subfamily has a manifold of ornamental plants. It has around 22 unique species. Such multiplicity allows anyone to opt for the plant they desire. These plantae aren't alike. Mostly, people distinguish them by the leaves' coloring. Certainly each of them has a specific name.

There are few major attributes in the description of these aglaonema varieties. It grows bushy and sleek. Usually during warm months it has florets. The mottled foliage has either an oval or liner shape.

Some plants of Araceae brood have green leaves mingled with a lily touch such as: a Philippine commutatum, “Abidjan”, “Cory”, “Deborah”, “Queen of Siam”, “Romano”, “Stripes”, “Illumination”, “Brilliant” and etc. But there is a “Tricolor” kind too. It has three harmoniously combined shades. The foliage consists of dark green, lily and light green palette.