Caring for clematis nelly moser


Clematis nelly moser is a hybrid cultivar of clematis languinosa. It is a flowering vine with large flattish pale mauve pink flowers from 6 to 8 inches in diameter. There are distinctive refulgent lilac bars on every petal of the blossom. This species starts blooming in May to late June. The second bloom which is not as profuse as the first one takes place in the middle of August. If being planted in a shade, the cultivar will blossom for weeks. In case the sun is too strong, the flower color may fade.
With proper climatis care clematis nelly moser will grow almost anywhere. It should be planted into fertile, well-drained soil. With this species as well as with clematis jackmanii the following rule of thumb works:”Cool feet and warm head” meaning that it is a good idea to plant the cultivar at a place where roots and lower parts of the plant won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Nevertheless, the higher parts which are supposed to climb up and show blossoms, should get sun. Filtered or moderated sun exposure is recommended.
The species is susceptible to wilt. Scale insects, earwigs, whiteflies, aphids can cause troubles sometimes. So as to grow properly, the plant needs a supporting structure.
What concerns garden uses, this cultivar can be trained to climb a wall, porch, arbor, trellis, fence and even lamppost. No doubt, the long-lasting spectacular bloom of this vine will make your place even more attractive.