Dealing with a Miniature Tree: Bonsai Tree Care Tips

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A lot of us seeing other people’s miniature trees wondered how they handle these plants. You needn’t wonder anymore. This article will reveal all the secrets on bonsai tree care requirements.

If temperatures at night do not go below 40 degrees, keep your plant outside. Place it somewhere where it will be able to get sufficient sunlight. It will thrive if it receives morning sun whereas in the afternoon it will be grateful to you if it’s kept in some shade.

In case the temperature at night starts approaching the mark of 40 degrees you’d better bring the tree in. A windowsill that faces the south is the perfect solution for your lovely plant. If it’s not possible, then choose east or west location.

Apply water if you see that the soil gets dry. Never let it dry completely. It may be necessary to water the tree once a day if it receives full sun. You can be sure that your plant is not “thirsty” anymore if water starts running out of drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

When it’s cold and your tree is grown at home place it in a shallow tray. The tray must have a layer of gravel and some water added. This will help to prevent the tree from drying out. Heating systems cause the loss of moisture. The tray decreases this loss as the water evaporates thus providing additional moisture.

Fertilizers will contribute to the well-being of the specimen. General-purpose fertilizers are good enough. They are available in any garden store.

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