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Dracaena Bonsai

You know, I do not belong to those plant persons. I was simply searching for something to look well in my office. I was presented one of dracaena bonsai shoots. My mother recommended it as a good variant for my purpose. She assured me dracaena looked beautiful and elegant. Low light conditions in my office are not a hindrance for dracaena bonsai!

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So I’ve made up my mind to do some searching using Internet sources to know more about my present. Dracaena bonsai belongs to ruscaceae family. Thanks God, the information on how to grow dracaena is enough on the Internet, so it take me not much time to know dracaena bonsai is the best for me! I’m quite a busy woman, so an unpretentious flower was necessary for me. Dracaena bonsai is perfect! A few words about its hardiness. Dracaena bonsai is a tropical flower, but is very hardy, so people manage to plant it both indoors and outdoors. But dracaena bonsai cannot stand freezing temperatures.