Gardenia August Beauty: Adorable White Rose Bloomer With Captivating Fragrance

gardenia bush

Taking their origin in China Gardenia plants have arrived to America through Asia. There are many varieties of Gardenias, the August Beauty (scientific name - Gardenia Jasminoides August Beauty) being one of the most beneficial options for the garden's adornment.

Gardenia August Beauty: Advantageous Garden-Flattering Features

Evergreen shrub with lustrous foliage
Charming double-flowered rose-like white bloom spring through fall
Intoxicating exotic fragrance that captivates
An advantageous landscape size of 5 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide on average
A handful of ideas for uses: border, hedge, espalier, container, topiary, woodland garden

Even the best photo of the August Beauty can't convey the real charm and heavenly perfection of this fascinating shrub.