Golden Barrel Cactus Is Your Love Forever

Golden Barrel Cactus image

I love you, Golden Barrel Cactus! If you haven’t got one own yet, you simply do not know what you are actually missing. As for me and a few of my friends, we have medium sized and potted specimen of this echinocactus plant, in their standard golden variety. However, I also dream of some pricy white landscape cactus, which is the same great prickly ball of amazingness. Well, any echinocactus is so incredible, so uncomplaining and so beautiful that I think of why my husband isn’t the same (except sharp edges, of course). Believe me, there is not really any cultivation in case of this plant. All you have to do is just stick it in a pot and give it drainage. Never freeze it solid, despite it is rather hardy when dry. Also, do not fry it outdoors in summer, only because you are aimed at decorating your garden. Finally, water this beauty regularly but reasonably, for its maximum growth and symmetry. That’s just it, dear gardeners.