Guideline For Beginners on Areca Palm Care

When it comes to getting a plant to grow either at home or outdoors, I’ve heard a lot of different excuses. They usually sound something like: “I don’t have a green thumb” or “My last plant didn’t manage to survive” or “It must be very hard to care about it. I’d rather abstain from such a pleasure”. It can be true about some species. Luckily, areca palm care tips are very easy to adhere to. Here are some basic guidelines to let the plant thrive.

First of all choose a sunny spot. It will do best on a Southern or Western facing window. As soon as the location is selected, it’s time to think about watering rules. The most important thing is to keep the soil moist in spring and summer and let the soil dry a bit between waterings in autumn and winter.

Fertilize the genus in spring and don’t feed it in autumn and winter.

Don’t forget about repotting. It should be done every two or three years. The tight container is good enough for the genus as crowded roots restrict the size of the cultivar. However, repotting must be done so as to replace the aged potting soil.
Extreme temperature fluctuations must be avoided. Do not expose the specimen to blasts of frigid air.
If you follow these tips, your plant will grow happily for a very long time.