How to Save a Ficus Benjamina? What’s the First Step to Take?

If one has never grown a ficus benjamina, there isn't any doubt he has not got the clue as to how to look after it and how big it can be. Usually it is not hard, as many species are really unpretentious.

For example, you choose ficus benjamina ‘Variegata’. This is a variegated weeping fig that is placed as a house plant, growing in climate free from frost to become a big tree that has spreading aerial branches and invasive ground roots, which makes it suitable for large gardens only.

So, how to save a ficus benjamina? Fertilize it with ½ a dose of a soluble fertilizer once per week. Keep the plant trimmed in order to shape for a fuller and much attractive growth habit. Check for the signs of ficus benjamina diseases and pests. These are usually the changes in leaves color. Carmine spider mite and armored scale are among the most dangerous microorganisms.

Saving your plant from such pests, you’ll contribute to its healthy growth and appealing look.