How to Water Adeniums

How to Water Adeniums

One of my friends has got a collection of wonderful flowers called adeniums. And he gave one of these flowers to me. I had already had a plant at home, a little and very cute cactus. So, I needed adenium growing tips really badly.

My cactus didn’t need much water, but what about such a pretty flower? So, I asked my friend to write down the main points of watering adenium. The first point was how much water should be used. Adenium is a tropical plant and it likes water. But its roots shouldn’t stay in it. That is why special holes should be there in the pot for excess water. And the pot shouldn’t stay in water.

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The second question my friend answered was how often I should water my adenium. It depends on the weather. The soil in the pot shouldn’t be dry. Usually adenium needs to be watered once in a few days.

With these easy growing tips my adenium started growing fast. Now everyone admires its beauty!